On the most important day of your life, choose a Hertfordshire wedding photography service that understands the importance of every photo.

Your memories of your wedding day will be with you for the rest of your life. But it’s good to have a photographic record of your day too.

Rob Purbrick understands the crucial role a photographer plays on every wedding day. If you want a photographer who takes his job very seriously and yet provides an open and friendly service too, Purpix signifies the end of your journey to find your ideal Hertfordshire wedding photography company.

Traditional or modern, this is Hertfordshire wedding photography at its best

Every bride and groom has a desire for their wedding day to be put together in a stunning album to commemorate the occasion. You’ll want the finest, sharpest and highest quality photos to complete the album, and this is all part of the service when you come to Purpix.

Different options for different weddings

No two weddings are ever the same, so no two photographic sessions will ever be the same either. However some photographers treat weddings like they’re part of a conveyor belt. Fortunately that’s not the service you’ll get here.

While we provide a series of standard prices, we also have a bespoke service that allows you to choose the exact services and prices that will suit your big day. That’s why Purpix is the choice of many brides and grooms across Hertfordshire and beyond, providing the service every happy couple is seeking.

Contact us now for more information, guidance and prices

Whatever you have in mind for your wedding, you can be assured we can help. Our Hertfordshire wedding photography service is ready to assist in any way possible. With a full range of photography services designed to suit all budgets, it couldn’t be easier to start planning for your big day.