Photography Training Courses

Most people with a camera use it on one of the automatic functions, which are great, but the really creative stuff is in the other functions (you may have noticed letters like A, S, Tv, M). They would also like to take better images. The good news is that there are some very simple tips for taking better photos, and a whole range of functions on your camera that can enable you to get seriously creative! Each workshop is tailored to those who are on it through a pre-workshop questionnaire which helps me to know (a) your current level of knowledge, (b) what you are looking for from the workshop, and (c) what camera you are using. The level of the workshop is beginner/low intermediate.

Here is an overview of a fairly typical workshop:

  • We begin with familiarizing ourselves with the camera and its basic functions.
  • We learn the way exposure works as the basis for understanding how to take creative images.
  • We then go out and take lots of photos, learning some guidelines for composition and some technical features through the workshop.
  • Then we return to the studio to review the images and get to grips with our strengths and weaknesses. We can learn from them and immediately put into practice what we have just learnt.

I also offer guidance on which camera to buy if you are thinking about upgrading, and at the end of the day you have various handouts to remind you of what we covered.
Following the workshop I send you projects that take 15-30 minutes to help you integrate your learning.


A weekday workshop normally starts at 9.30am start, and runs through to 4pm.


I run the workshop from my studio in Chorelywood, just near junction 18 on the M25.


Ideally there are three people on the workshop. Individual workshops are available at a slightly higher cost. You can either find a friend you would like to do it with, or I can link you with others I know who are interested in doing a workshop.


The workshop date is agreed to suit all who are involved. Generally they are on a weekday, but occasionally weekend days are possible.


Ideally you will have a Digital SLR (DSLR), Compact System Camera (CSC) or reasonable quality bridge or compact camera. If you don’t have a camera at all that is not a problem as I can lend you a Digital SLR for the day.


The full day workshop is £150 and this covers tuition, handouts and post workshop projects and home made soups and bread for lunch.

The workshops are a lot of fun and previous customers make comments like ‘Feeling so much more confident now about my camera and my ability to take better photos’, and ‘Really excited about putting it into practice’ and ‘Wonderful day!’

Let me know if you have any questions. If you would like to book a workshop please get in contact or call us on 07721 887437.